Vancouver Learning Commons and Library Services

Vancouver Learning Commons and Library Services

As we move into the new campus, you might be excited to use the new shared spaces, which will require bookings. To book the following rooms, please note the following:

  • You must be logged in with your New York Tech Office 365 credentials
  • Then, choose from the list of timeslots on each day that are still available for booking.

Study Room in the Learning Commons / Library space in Suite 180:

  • This room is intended for group and quiet study. It is located in the Learning Commons, adjacent to the student photocopier room
Study Room Book Here

Green Screen recording and Broadcast Studio in Suite 180:

  • The studio gives you access to various equipment such as cameras, lighting, microphones and other tools that will help you produce high quality pictures and videos.
  • NOTE that this space will ONLY be bookable when an IT Assistant is available due to the complexities of the technologies and setup.
Broadcast Recording Studio Book Here

Conference Room in Suite 310:

  • This space has a large TV, speakers, mics, and an HD camera for conferencing.
  • You can move the tables and chairs to support various meeting needs.
  • This room is NOT to be booked by students and must be booked by Faculty or staff members
Conference Room Book Here