Step-by-Step Agents’ Guide for Admission Process

This page consists of step-by-step information on admission to a master's degree program at the New York Tech Vancouver campus. Detailed information about New York Tech Vancouver and the program it offers is available on our website. Please make sure you are fully aware of all the steps involved in the admissions process. Please also make sure, before submitting applications, applicants you are assisting have in-depth knowledge about the program they are applying to.

What degree programs are offered by New York Tech Vancouver?

For more program info please download the program information sheets at:

What are our Intakes?

New York Tech Vancouver offers three intakes per year; Fall (September), Spring (January), and Summer (May). Fall and spring are regular 15-week terms and summer is intensive and is 8-week long.

What intakes are currently available for application submission?

Please note, because we receive an overwhelming number of applications as soon as they open, especially for Cybersecurity and Master of Energy Management programs, we may have to close the application portal earlier than expected. Please regularly visit our website and application portal to learn about the availability of the programs. Below are the programs and the terms that are currently available for application submission:

Application Date*

  • Summer 2024: Closed
  • Fall 2024: Open for MBA, MEM only (Master of Cybersecurity - Closed)
  • Spring 2025: June 3, 2024 (MBA, MEM only)

Application Deadlines*

  • Summer 2024: Closed
  • Fall 2024: June 28, 2024
  • Spring 2025: TBD (approx. December 1, 2024)

*Dates are subject to change. Programs will close as soon as they are filled. Applications may be deferred by the admissions office to the next available term when programs are full.

For more information please visit:

How to submit your application for admission?

Please click on New York Tech Vancouver Application Submission

How to check application status of applicants?

Once your application submission is 100%, you can log back in to the application account to check the status of application submitted and you can view decision letters.

Once students are admitted they receive Eligibility for Admission (EFA) letter

Once a student is admitted to a degree program, he/she will receive an e-mail stating an update to the application has been made, and to log into portal to check application status. Students must either “accept” or “reject” the admission offer. If the student accepts the offer, he/she must electronically sign the offer. He/she will also be able to download the tuition breakdown.

Note:Only the applicant to the program is authorized to “accept” or “reject” the admission offer. If a third party (agent) is found to have signed this document, they will be held accountable for this action.

What is the estimated tuition and living expenses for students starting Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024?

Once the student receives an EFA, he/she must submit the tuition deposit

Once students receive the Eligibility for admission (EFA) letter, they are required to pay the initial tuition deposit so that they can receive their Letter of Acceptance (LOA). Tuition deposit must be paid within 21 days of receipt of EFA.

The tuition deposit amount and tuition breakdown are provided in the EFA.

Method of deposit payment

All the initial tuition deposits must be paid through Flywire or TransferMate, the payment platforms New York Tech has partnered with to provide our international students with an easy, convenient and secure method to send international payments in your home currency or by using an international credit card. Please refer to the Bursar section for prospective students for payment methods.

How to confirm and retrieve the official receipt for your deposit payment?

Once you have submitted your deposit, please set up your username and password in the my.NYIT Portal. It may take 24-48 hours after you submit your deposit to be able to create an account.

Once you have set up your username and password, you will also have to enroll in Okta Single Sign-On (SSO). View instructions to set up your Okta account. This will enable you to create your New York Tech email account, which will be used for all official university notifications, and access the Student Service HUB — Your Home for University Business. You will need this portal activated to register for classes. Please contact if you have any questions about your New York Tech student account.

Please follow below instructions to obtain your receipt:

  1. Click on “My Student Account” and then "My Account” which will take you to Transact Payments (CASHNet) system.
  2. Click on “Transactions” to find your payment transaction and download the official receipt of your payment.
  3. Send the official receipt to to notify us your deposit has been received by New York Tech.
  4. Upon received your deposit confirmation, your Letter of Acceptance will be issued within 2 to 3 business days.
  5. If you submit the deposit directly through the New York Tech Applicant Portal/Dashboard, the deposit payment transaction will not be displayed in the student account under "Transactions". Please contact Vancouver Bursar Office ( for the official receipt.

What are the next steps after the student has been admitted?

In order to receive detailed instructions about the next step after your student has been admitted, please advise your student to review the admitted student page and follow the steps. This link provides detailed information about the tuition deposit, new student orientation, course registrations, insurance, arrival to Canada, and many other student service-related matters.

Deferral Policy – New York Institute of Technology Vancouver Campus

What is the refund policy on withdrawal by “admission deferred” students?

This does not apply to students who are unable to attend due to denial of a Student Visa. Please see the Tuition Deposit Refund policy for this you will be refunded your deposit, less a fee equal to a 3-credit hour based on the tuition rate of the last admitted term in the following situations:

  • Student was admitted to a term, did not attend and did not request a deferral.
  • Student has requested 2 deferrals and has not begun in the 3rd term (see above).

All refunds are returned to the original payee. If a student subsequently attends New York Tech Vancouver, the 3-credit tuition fee as described above will be credited to the student's account and will be available to offset future fees.

If a student reapplies for admission after withdrawal and the student visa is denied, the 3-credit tuition fee will not be refunded.

What is the regular refund policy on Tuition Deposit?

  1. Deposit amount will be fully refunded (USD$200 processing fee will be deducted) if visa application is denied (official visa denial letter received from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is required)
  2. 3-credit tuition fee (tuition rate is based on the last term admitted) will be deducted for the refund application other than visa denial.
  3. 3-credit tuition fee (tuition rate is based on the last term admitted) will be deducted for withdrawal due to 2 deferments and will not be refunded if the visa denial letter is received after that.
  4. Deposit will be returned based on the original payment method.
  5. As required by the Global Anti Money Laundering (AML) Regulations, deposit MUST be returned to the Original Payer(s) and to the originating bank account/credit card.
  6. New York Tech Refund Department will not return the payment to the students if students are not the original payers.
  7. New York Tech Refund Department will not return the payment to a 3rd party if students cannot locate the original payer(s).
  8. Once New York Tech Refund Office returns the funds to Flywire or TransferMate (based on your initial payment method), it is solely your (student’s) responsibility to inform your original payer(s) to provide Flywire or TransferMate with their contact information and the required banking documents in order to complete your refund process.
  9. New York Tech will not hold the funds for more than two years. After that period, New York Tech will either return funds to the original payer(s), or if undeliverable, New York Tech will comply with government regulations regarding the possession or turnover of any deposits.
  10. By submitting the deposit payment, you are agreeing to all the above terms listed in the refund policy.

How can you apply to become a new authorized agent?

Vancouver campus greatly values the partnerships with its agents. If you are interested in applying to become a new agent, please email us at with a brief introduction of your company. We will then forward you an Agency Reference Form.

Approval and renewal decisions of agency contracts are made based on the following factors:

  • Agent’s recruitment ability of quality students
  • Student diversity
  • New York Tech Vancouver’s current regional marketing strategy
  • Agent’s professionalism, ethics and others
  • Minimum 3 references provided by educational institutions the agent has been currently working with

How to claim commission for enrolled students?

Contracted agents can claim commission after the students have enrolled full-time. To claim commission, please email the company’s invoice to Please make sure to include the following information on the invoice:

  • Company’s name and contact info
  • Enrolled student’s full name
  • Student ID
  • Enrolled program name and term
  • Total commission amount based on the agency contract.

Note: For security reasons, please do not include your bank account details on the invoice. If we do not have your account info on record, we will send you a secure email link via Ascendant FX to collect.

We will start verifying and processing invoices after the registration period (normally 2-weeks after class start date).

Please note, it is the agent's responsibility to track its students’ enrolment status and claim the commission within the 1st term.

Agency Code of Conduct

Agents will take full responsibility in recruiting qualified candidates to apply for admissions. All International students referred to New York Tech Vancouver from agents must have proof that the application was submitted by that particular agent. Applications submitted online through the New York Tech website will have a special agent code assigned to the agent. New York Tech has sole discretion over academic student admissions standards and admissions decisions as to particular applicants. All inquiries regarding student application status must be directed to the Admissions office of New York Tech Vancouver at New York Tech's Office of Admissions is responsible for granting admission to New York Tech under this program. Admission criteria and documents required are outlined in the university catalog.

Agencies must apply with the applicant'd personal email, NOT an email created by the agency.

Students will be considered to be enrolled full-time under the following conditions

  • Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits + Technical Communications in their first semester then 6 credits per term until they graduate.

Term and Termination of the Agreement

A. The Term of the agreement will commence on the date hereof and continue for two years thereafter, provided that either party will have the right to terminate the agreement 1) upon 30 days notice to the other party if the other party is in material breach of the Agreement and does not cure the breach within the 30 days, or 2) at any time and for any reason upon three months written notice to the other party.

Use of sub-agents

In the event that AGENT uses any sub-agents in connection with the performance of its services hereunder, AGENT will inform the subagents of all of the requirements of this agreement and AGENT will be responsible for all actions or misrepresentation of its subagents. Upon the request of New York Tech, AGENT will provide New York Tech with a list of all sub-agents engaged by AGENT.

Marketing materials to download

All marketing materials and correspondence used by agents for the recruitment activities must be approved in advance by New York Tech. Agent warrants that it will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

News and Notices

Policy regarding submission of fraudulent academic documents by an applicant

Students found to have submitted fraudulent academic documents; such as transcripts, for the purpose of admission at New York Tech Vancouver, can have their admission canceled, and may be disciplined or expelled upon confirming that the documents submitted were forged. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure the documents submitted during the application process are not forged. If fraudulent documents were submitted by the agent on behalf of the student, the agent can be disciplined or terminated within 30 days of the discovery of fraudulent documents.

Policy on mis-representation of degree programs offered at New York Tech Vancouver

It is the responsibility of the agent to make sure the student clearly understands the program he/she has been admitted to. Students must also have a clear understanding of the curriculum structure of the program they have been admitted to.

What is our contact details?

New York Institute of Technology - Broadway Tech Centre
2925 Virtual Way Suite 310
Vancouver, BC V5M 4X5
Phone: 604.639.0942

More contact info: Contact Us page

Note: Any inquiry by an agent will be responded to within 48 hours unless the inquiry took place on a weekend or holiday.