Get Experience

Get Experience

Today’s employers want to hire workers who have skills and experience in addition to the knowledge gained in the classroom. Experiential education is a great way to further develop and broaden your education. Practicums and internships can help you build a strong professional network, put your knowledge base into action, develop a strong work ethic, and hone your transferable soft skills.

Canadian employers usually require 1 year of Canadian experience in order to qualify for high-quality jobs. You could get this experience through an unrelated, entry-level job, but it will give you a career advantage if you can gain more relevant experience. Experiential education opportunities include the internship program, on-campus jobs, volunteering, and events like hackathons.


A practicum is an experiential education opportunity that counts as one of your electives.

  • You gain practical experience and skills related to your program.
  • You must pay for the practicum as you would for a course.
  • It will appear on your transcript.
  • Practicums are overseen by a faculty member.
  • Practicums can be with external employers or as projects with faculty, depending on program.

Internship Certificate Program (ICP)

The Internship Certificate Program (ICP) is New York Tech’s institutional internship program and partners with internship courses in most majors. Review your course syllabus for details on how you will be graded. Through the course and the ICP you will gain professional skills, meet learning objectives, and get evaluations from your supervisor. Students also gain experience in the job search process by seeking out internship opportunities independently. Career Services can help you develop the skills that are necessary to successfully find positions in the Canadian labour market.

New York Tech Vancouver accepts applications from Cybersecurity, EM, and MBA students for the Internship Certificate Program each term. The selected students get an internship support letter used as a supporting letter to apply for a co-op/internship work permit. The internship is also mentioned on their transcript in the form of an Internship Course.

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