Career Services

Career Services

Why should I care about Career Services?

Career Services experts act as a bridge between the university and the employers and help you prepare for the world of work.

Why should I attend Career services workshops?

Career experts trained in career advising, counseling, and resume writing offer these workshops. These workshops equip you with interview skills and panel presentations and provide essential tips to score your dream job.

Who are these services available for?

New York Tech Career Services are offered for all current students and Alumni. Additionally, unlike other universities, New York Tech offers these valuable career services to you for life, along with other alumni benefits.

We also offer:

  • Personal career advising.
  • Training in resume writing and interview skills.
  • Industry-specific workshops and panel presentations.
  • Networking events for students, alumni, and industry professionals.
  • Access to CareerShift, an online career hub for finding jobs, researching companies, and exploring the job market.
  • Active employer databases for career service outreach.
  • Experiential education opportunities such as internship programs, on-campus jobs, volunteering, and events like hackathons.
  • Free access to paid resources such as Big Interview, Handshake, and LinkedIn learning using New York Tech credentials.