Admissions Deferral and Deposit Refund Policy

Students admitted to New York Institute of Technology-Vancouver are expected to start their studies in the term for which they are admitted. Students may be eligible to defer their studies for up to one full year (up to three deferrals) as follows.

Eligibility for deferred admission:
You may request deferred admission (deferrals are not guaranteed) for one of the following reasons:

  • You are experiencing visa issues such as a security screening or visa delay.
  • You are required to complete mandatory military service.
  • You are experiencing other extenuating circumstances (requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis).

Please Note that scholarship awards are valid only for the admitted term, and you may or may not be awarded a scholarship for the deferred term.

You are NOT eligible to apply for a deferral in the following circumstances:

  • Your reason for requesting a deferral is that you are not financially prepared.
  • You have not paid your deposit (if you don’t accept your offer and pay the tuition deposit before the expiry deadline, you must re-apply). Please be advised that readmission to the program is not guaranteed.
  • You have been conditionally admitted (deferral requests are considered only for students who have been admitted without conditions).

Deferral application deadline:

  • You must request a deferral by the add/drop deadline of your then-current admitted term (this date can be found in section 27 of your IRCC LOA or the academic calendar).

What is the next step if I am eligible for a deferral request?

  1. Prepare documents to prove that you are eligible for a deferral. You will need an acknowledgement of receipt letter from IRCC or the visa application number that you received from IRCC.
  2. Fill out the Request for Deferral form and attach relevant documents.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from us within 2-5 business days.
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that you drop any courses for which you have registered for the term to which you were originally admitted or deferred. Otherwise, you will be responsible for any and all tuition assessments and penalties.

Your admission will be automatically withdrawn in the following events:

  • You have not requested a deferral and you do not attend before the end of the add/drop date in the admitted term
  • You have received three deferrals and have not begun the program within one year from the original admitted term. For example, if you are admitted originally for the Spring 2024 term, you must start your studies by Spring 2025 (within one year).

Tuition Deposit Refunds for Prospective Students whose admission is withdrawn, voluntarily or automatically

1. Refund Amount

  1. Visa Issues—Students who provide an official visa denial letter from IRCC, or who can provide proof they have not received their visa by their third deferral term, despite timely submission of their visa application materials, will receive a refund of their full tuition deposit less a $200 processing fee.
  2. Other withdrawals—Students who voluntarily withdraw or who are automatically withdrawn due to their failure to attend after three deferrals for reasons other than visa delay will receive a refund of their tuition deposit, less the equivalent of a three-credit tuition charge at the then-current tuition rate.

2. Refund Process

  1. Student must complete a Tuition Deposit Refund form at the Vancouver Bursar’s office. The refund process will be initiated automatically if the student is automatically withdrawn as set forth above.
  2. Refunds will be issued using the original payment method where possible and to the original payer, as required by Global Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.
  3. If the payer was not the student, New York Tech will not redirect the refund to the student. It is the student's responsibility to arrange for the recovery of funds from the original payer once the refund is processed. If the student is not able to contact the original payer, or if the original payer chooses not to accept the refund when issued or not to return the refund to the student, that is not the responsibility of New York Tech.
  4. It is the student's responsibility to provide accurate contact and banking information for the refund process. Failure to provide this information will delay or prevent the issuance of a refund.
  5. If the student used a third-party payer, there may be fees deducted by the payer and/or bank over which New York Tech has no control.
  6. Unclaimed refunds will be handled in accordance with government regulations and will be surrendered to the State of New York if not claimed within three years. Payers can submit a claim for lost money to the State of New York.